International Reach with Local Perspective

Zone Q Investments is transforming the commercial and residential character of Australia and New Zealand. Our locally based specialists facilitate unique and positive change in all aspects of property investment, development and management. Zone Q leads the way with property solutions designed to optimise end-user experience, whilst actively contributing to the social, cultural and physical identity of the Australian and New Zealand property market.

A Bold New Era of Property Development

Zone Q Investments has positioned itself as an industry leader, setting a new benchmark for property investment and high-quality commercial and residential developments. With offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, Zone Q is forging a reputation as a catalyst for the reshaping of the social and environmental landscape of Australian & New Zealand cities. Our extensive international experience and dedication to creating the highest-quality bespoke designs enable us to fully realise the investment and property aspirations of our investors, partners and stakeholders. We develop and manage quality assets destined for long-term returns and optimal market success. Zone Q’s multi-disciplinary team of skilled professionals and industry partners produce innovative, visually captivating spaces that respond to the evolving needs of the end-user and the immediate environment. At the core of our offering is a considered individuality, the tailoring of unique solutions to every brief. Our bespoke offerings are based upon intelligent sensitive design, collaborative planning and research-based decision-making.

The Highest Standard of Excellence

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our assets. Our extensive portfolio includes both commercial and  residential projects. Our sought-after projects perfectly match the needs and aspirations of our disparate target markets, building positive work/life experiences for entire communities.